Rigport Watchdog RPL WiFi power monitor


Rigport Watchdog RPL WiFi Power Monitor is an intelligent power monitor for connected 3-phase power lines.


  • Measurement of all 3x external conductors
  • WatchDog function for limit values
  • Power measurement on each channel
  • Web server for monitoring and configuration
  • Wi-Fi, MQTT, Bluetooth…
  • Performance measurement with data storage
  • Smart schedules, scripting, webhooks
  • 3x digital display voltmeter ampmeter, blue for each phase
  • Voltage measurement range: 60V to 500V, measurement accuracy ‎±1
  • Current measurement: 0 to 100 A, measurement accuracy ±1
  • Can be installed quickly and easily with RigPort Clamps
  • 1x M10, 2x M4
  • Optional: Ethernet connection, N-conductor measurement, switching output
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Additional information

Max. Current

16A, 32A