Renkus-Heinz DC12-2 12x 2″ column line array speaker

Renkus-Heinz DC12/2 is a self-powered column line array with 12 full-range, two-inch drivers powered by twelve channels of our acclaimed SA Series amplification.

Designed for smaller spaces where tight pattern control and focus are essential, the DC12/2 is ideal for boardrooms, museums and galleries, black box theaters, restaurants, fitness clubs, and other critical applications. If the application requires tight control and nearly invisible aesthetics, then the DC12/2 is the perfect choice.

The DC12/2 is the first digitally steered array with control via smartphone or tablet. Choose from any of several pre-defined presets using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to tailor the system for your environment.


Renkus-Heinz DC12-2 Datasheet