1 SOUND SUB215 Subwoofer

1 SOUND SUB215 is a fast-responding, deep bass subwoofer capable of producing a maximum SPL of 140 dB. This cabinet is equipped with two 15″ low frequency drivers with the latest tetracoil technology. This subwoofer goes deep, but also delivers clear and punchy upper bass. The SUB215 cabinet is only 17.7″ (450 mm) wide when deployed vertically or 17.7″ tall horizontally.

SUB215 can be equipped with the pole cup accessory which allows you to attach a CT28 full-range enclosure in combination with an Active Speaker Tube, or to mount any other satellite speaker on top. This subwoofer is also equipped with rigging points in order to attach the proprietary Tower Rigging System, allowing the Tower LCC44 or LCC84 to be coupled with variable splay angles.

Available in black, white, custom colour and, custom finish.

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