1 SOUND SUB2112 2-Way subwoofer

1 SOUND SUB2112 is a 2-way, bi-amped subwoofer. It can deliver a solid deep bass response down to 25 Hz, with an upper bass that is fast-responding, tight, and loud. This sub employs one 4000 W 21″ driver with a neodymium magnet, and two 1800-watt 12″ neodymium drivers, in a relatively compact enclosure. This powerful subwoofer is capable of delivering a maximum SPL
of 137 dB.

SUB2112 is designed to accept the proprietary Tower Rigging System plates for stacking multiple LCC44/84 columns directly on the cabinet with variable splay angles, as well as a recessed cup for square-section Active Speaker Tubes for mounting satellite enclosures.

Available in black, white, custom colour and, custom finish.

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