1 SOUND CSUB610 Steerable line source subwoofer

1 SOUND CSUB610 subwoofer features a stacked triple-10″ configuration in the front, and a stacked triple-10” configuration in the rear. It is a line source subwoofer, capable of operating in cardioid, sub cardioid (end fire) and omnidirectional modes. It is designed for positioning parallel or perpendicular to walls, or even low-profile (11.75” high) horizontal deployment.

This bass enclosure offers the sound of a double 18″ subwoofer in omni mode. CSUB610 is designed to accept proprietary Tower Rigging System plates for stacking multiple LCC44 columns directly on the cabinet, as well as a recessed cup for square-section Active Speaker Tubes to mount LCC44/84 units as satellites.

Available in black, white, custom colour and, custom finish.

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